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Quality of life in onychomycosis patients at H. Adam Malik General Hospital, Medan - Indonesia, 2016

  • Gustina Putri ,
  • Isma Aprita Lubis ,
  • Imam Budi Putra ,


Background: Onychomycosis describes fungal infection of the nail caused by dermatophytes, non-dermatophytes molds, or yeast. It affects up to 14% of the population worldwide. Although onychomycosis is not a life-threatening condition, the disease does not only appear to be a cosmetic problem, it has been suggested that patient can experience deleterious psychologic effects. Onychomycosis has the psychological, psychosocial, and emotional impact that reduce patient’s quality of life.

Objective: To determine the quality of life in onychomycosis patients.

Subject and methods: This research was a descriptive study with a cross-sectional design involving 43 onychomycosis patients. The diagnosis of onychomycosis was confirmed by physical examination and fungal culture. Each subject answered NailQoL questionnaires and the results were assessed. Value with a higher score shows the lower quality of life.

Result:  Quality of life in the most onychomycosis patients was the lower quality of life with the value of NailQoL in the number of ≥37 (41,9%). Based on the gender, the female had the lower quality of life (41,9%). Based on the age, patients in 30-39 years old group had the lower quality of life (62,5%). Based on the education level, patients who went to university had lower quality of life (50,0%). Based on patient’s occupation, the student has the lower quality of life (100%). Based on the duration of illness, patients with more than 10 years duration of illness had a lower quality of life (60,0%). Based on the number of nail involvement, patients with 11-15 nails and 16-20 nails involvement had the lower quality of life (100%).  

Conclusion: Quality of life in the most of onychomycosis patients was the lower quality of life. The lower quality of life was more common in female patients, patients in 30-39 years old group, university education level, students, >10 years duration of illness,                       11-15 and 16-20 number of nails involvement. 



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