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Cost for traffic accident related injuries and its comparison it with the national standard: A case study in Iran

  • Somayeh Mahdiyan Mahdiyan ,
  • Kavos Asgari Asgari ,
  • Mohammad Ranjbar ,


Introduction: Since the World Health Organization (WHO) has emphasized the importance of estimating the economic costs and traffic-related injuries the society as well as their roles in the analysis of cost efficiency; traffic-related accidents toll estimation has risen as one of the main concerns of the WHO.

Materials and methods: This analytical, descriptive study is an applied research conducted in 2015 in Isfahan province. Among the 35 educational health centers and hospitals in Isfahan, 19 hospitals were selected randomly according to the type of the centers. Information was gathered using traffic accidents system and imported into the Microsoft Excel software. In a country standard, the cost for each patient in traffic accident by NO. 400/11607, dated 9/7/2016 has announced from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education to the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences.

Results: The highest average spending per injured patient is in the Imam Musa Kazim hospital, and lowest average spending per patient can be seen in the hospital Behnia Tiran. (Please elaborate more information in this section)

Discussion and Conclusion: Imam Musa Kazem and Imam Hussein Children’s Teaching Hospital including: the high average of staying patients, type and cost of equipment in Al Zahra educational health treatment center, the consuming prostheses and the utilization of capital equipment such as CT scan machine Multi 64 makes to increase the average cost of a patient in centers compared to other health centers. On the other hand, the cost of accidental outpatients is not registered in the system, so these factors make the average cost of hospitals higher than country standard.


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Mahdiyan, S. M., Asgari, K. A., & Ranjbar, M. (2018). Cost for traffic accident related injuries and its comparison it with the national standard: A case study in Iran. Bali Medical Journal, 7(2), 511–515.




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