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The comparative study of strategic purchasing of health services in selected countries: A Review Study

  • Ghasem Abedi ,
  • Jalil Shojaee ,
  • Peivand Bastani ,
  • Mohammad Javad Kabir ,
  • Jamshid Yazdani ,


Introduction: strategic purchasing is the constant search for achieving the best method through deciding on what to purchase, how to do it, and choosing service providers in a way that maximizes the health system performance to the desired level. In other words, strategic purchasing is defined as interventions that enhance system's accountability and causes financial balance. Methods: This study is explained as a comparative study with the purpose of strategic purchasing of health services in the world. In this study, 13 databases and search engines with relating key words have been searched in published papers of national and international journals from 2000 to 2016. CAPS tool is used to ensure the reliability of the paper. The obtained information was then extracted and exploited in the summarized form of data. Results:  Findings of the study indicate that countries have considered several factors effective in strategic purchasing of health services. The quality and purchasing with the reasonable price were referred in 7 studies, motivating factors in 6 studies, interventions on the supply side in 7 studies (manufacturers), interventions on the demand side in 8 studies (recipients and purchasers), and transportation and resource allocation in 4 studies. Conclusion: According to the World Health Organization report in 2000 and the results of studies, countries will be required to use strategic purchasing of services for financing and optimal and equitable use of health services that using countries experiences will be very beneficial in this field. Therefore, studying in other areas is recommended.

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Abedi, G., Shojaee, J., Bastani, P., Kabir, M. J., & Yazdani, J. (2018). The comparative study of strategic purchasing of health services in selected countries: A Review Study. Bali Medical Journal, 7(1), 1–6.




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