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Abdominal tuberculosis with multi-organ involvement in CT imaging: a unique and rare case report

  • Amalia Puri Handayani ,
  • Muhammad Hidayat Surya Atmaja ,


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Background: Abdominal tuberculosis, accounting for 5% of global cases, is one of the most common forms of extrapulmonary tuberculosis. It can affect various parts of the abdomen, single or multi-organ involvement. Accurately identifying the proper diagnosis poses a significant challenge due to the wide range of clinical and radiological manifestations that resemble other diseases, potentially leading to treatment delays. In this case report, we present a sporadic and particular case of abdominal tuberculosis with multi-organ involvement, highlighting key CT imaging features for diagnosis.

Case Presentation: A sixteen-year-old girl presented to our center with a distended abdomen and a growing lump in the left waist that had been progressing for three months, anorexia, and weight loss. CT scan examination showed abdominal tuberculosis with multi-organ involvement, with unique and rare features of tuberculous peritonitis, tuberculous lymphadenitis, tuberculous hepatosplenic, and tuberculous retroperitoneal abscess. CT scan findings in abdominal tuberculosis have a classification for each organ involvement to aid in concluding the disease. Several findings, such as mesenteric cysts, calcified subcapsular hepatic nodules, splenic microabscesses, and retroperitoneal abscesses with osteoarticular involvement, are unique and rare findings in abdominal tuberculosis.

Conclusion: CT scan holds a substantial role in interpreting and diagnosing abdominal organ involvement in tuberculosis, and with mandatory proper understanding in discerning all findings, leading physicians in making decisions regarding patient management.


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