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Intracranial Ewing sarcoma with obstructive hydrocephalus in pediatric patient: a rare case report

  • Galan Budi Prasetya ,
  • Muhammad Arifin Parenrengi ,
  • Wihasto Suryaningtyas ,


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Background: Ewing’s sarcoma is the second most common primary bone tumor presenting in childhood and adolescence. Ewing's sarcoma of the skull bones is an unusual occurrence (6 to 9% of all Ewing’s. sarcoma cases). Here, we present a rare case of Ewing's sarcoma involving the central nervous system (CNS) in a 13-month-old child and share our experience with its management.

Case Presentation: We report a case of a 13-month-old girl with a chief complaint of gradually progressive head size. There is a history of seizures once a week before admission. The head CT scan with contrast administration revealed non-communicating hydrocephalus with bone defect in the occipital region and an intraaxial tumor of the posterior fossa due to Ewing’s sarcoma.

Conclusion: Primary cranial Ewing's sarcoma of the cranium is a rare occurrence; its extension to intraparenchymal is even rare. This diagnosis can be considered in the differential diagnosis in children with a tumor involving the skull with destruction of the bone.


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Prasetya, G. B., Parenrengi, M. A., & Suryaningtyas, W. (2023). Intracranial Ewing sarcoma with obstructive hydrocephalus in pediatric patient: a rare case report. Bali Medical Journal, 12(3), 3404–3406.




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