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Idiopathic giant scrotal calcinosis: a rare case report and literature review

  • Wyckmell Octof Ingratoeboen ,
  • Gerhard Reinaldi Situmorang ,
  • Riesye Arisanty ,
  • Madhyra Tri Indraswari ,
  • Ponco Birowo ,


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Background: Scrotal calcinosis is a rare abnormality of external genitalia. To date, the pathogenesis of this con is still debated. However, reconstructive surgical therapy is still the treatment of choice in managing this disease. This case report presents our experience in performing extensive excision followed by reconstruction of scrotal defects in patients diagnosed with scrotal calcinosis.

Case Presentation: A 62-year-old healthy man was referred to our department with multiple nodules on the testicular sac that did not cause symptoms but began to disrupt his quality of life. The diagnosis was made by physical examination, and anatomic pathology examination results from a needle biopsy that had been done before. Extensive excision of the scrotum lesion was followed by defect closure. There were no significant intraoperative or postoperative. The procedure was uneventful, and the reconstruction results showed satisfying results.

Conclusion: Scrotal calcinosis is an uncommon skin disease caused by insoluble calcium salts accumulated in scrotal skin tissue. Although the origin and etiology of scrotal calcinosis are debatable, surgical excision is the preferred treatment with a low recurrence rate and good cosmetic results.


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