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The effect of Mozart's classical music on blood pressure in Wistar white rats (Rattus norvegicus)

  • Rivans Jackson Tandirerung ,
  • Irwanto ,
  • Anak Agung Ngurah Krisna ,


Introduction: Classical music has beneficial effects on heart rate variability and also reduces one's stress levels due to parasympathetic dominance. Mozart's classical music was shown to provide subsequent short-term enhancement of spatial-temporal reasoning ability. This research aimed to study the effect of Mozart's classical music on blood pressure.

Methods: The design of this study is true experimental with a post-test-only design with a control group.

Thirty Wistar white rats were randomized by simple random sampling method into the control group and experimental group receiving Mozart’s classical music for 90 minutes, twice daily for 1, 3, and 4 weeks. SBP, DBP, and MAP were measured and analyzed using descriptive analysis, Shapiro Wilk, Mann-Whitney U, and Wilcoxon Sign Rank test.

Results: DBP and MAP of the experimental group week 1 and 3 were significantly different from the control group. There were significant differences between SBP, DBP, and MAP of experimental group week 1 from week 3 (p=0.00, p=0.00, p=0.00 respectively) and week 1 from week 4 (p=0.00, p=0.00, p=0.00).

Conclusion: Listening to Mozart's classical music has a direct effect on blood pressure.


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