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SOD2 and HIF-1α expression in rat ovaries (Rattus norvegicus) administered with forest bee honey (Apis dorsata) following physical stress

  • Hani Plumeriastuti ,
  • Widjiati Widjiati ,
  • Annise Proboningrat ,
  • Mey Vanda Pusparina Sajida ,


Introduction: Excessive physical activity can pose risks to various organs due to induced stress. This study aims to investigate the impact of the supplementation of wild bee honey on the expression of SOD2 and HIF-1α in rats undergoing the forced swimming test (FST) as a model of physical stress.

Methods: As many as 24 adult female rats were categorized into four groups: control (C) with FST only; (T1) FST and honey supplementation of 2 g/day; (T2) FST and honey supplementation of 4 g/day; and (T3) FST and honey supplementation of 6 g/day. The FST was conducted for 5 minutes daily over a period of 14 days. The collected ovaries were histopathologically prepared and subjected to immunohistochemical staining for SOD and HIF-1α proteins.

Results: The findings of this study revealed an increase in SOD2 expression in the group supplemented with honey. Similarly, HIF-1α expression exhibited a similar trend, with a decrease observed in the group receiving 6 g/day of honey. However, these three parameters did not demonstrate significant differences among them.

Conclusion: In conclusion, honey supplementation does not significantly influence the expression of SOD2 and HIF-1α in the ovarian follicles of rat models subjected to physical stress.


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Plumeriastuti, H., Widjiati Widjiati, Annise Proboningrat, & Mey Vanda Pusparina Sajida. (2023). SOD2 and HIF-1α expression in rat ovaries (Rattus norvegicus) administered with forest bee honey (Apis dorsata) following physical stress. Bali Medical Journal, 12(2), 1135–1139.




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