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Student perception of nurse communication learning with patients according to pancasila values

  • M. Shodiq ,
  • Siti Nur Hasina ,
  • Siti Maimunah ,
  • Mujad Didien Afandi ,


Introduction: Pancasila is the ideology of the state and is a collection or set of values that are believed to be true by the government and the people of Indonesia.  Perception is a person's ability to organize an observation. One of students perception is regarding nurses communication. The research aims are to describe students perception regarding nurses communication between nurses and patients according values of Pancasila.

Method: A design of descriptive study was used with mixed methods approach that combines or associates qualitative and quantitative. Descriptive research was to describe the data obtained from students' perceptions of learning communication between nurses and patients according to the values of Pancasila.

Results: There were 52 nursing students involved in this study. We showed that almost all of the students' perceptions strongly agreed with the application of Pancasila values in nurse-patient communication

Conclusion: Nurse-patient communication has implemented Pancasila values in serving patients in hospitals with evidence that stands out the value of strongly agree and agree answers.


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Shodiq, M., Hasina, S. N. ., Maimunah, S. ., & Afandi, M. D. . (2023). Student perception of nurse communication learning with patients according to pancasila values. Bali Medical Journal, 12(2), 2009–2011.




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