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Interprofessional collaboration to support patient-centered care: literature review


Patient-centered care is the hope of every patient who needs health care to handle their problems immediately, physically, psychologically, socially and culturally. Interprofessional collaboration of active health workers will create comprehensive services to manage and make the right decisions in patient care. This literature review aimed to explore how interprofessional collaboration can create a comprehensive professional service system to support patient-focused care. Nine articles were included in this literature review. Interprofessional collaboration begins by communicating and coordinating with members of the health care provider team, which has been proven to reduce errors and increase satisfaction in providing health services, providing a sense of comfort in interacting. Implementing interprofessional collaboration in a health care system allows all aspects of health care providers to provide complete services to realize a comprehensive and comprehensive health care system for patients. Coordination in services that prioritizes interprofessional collaboration is the creation of synergies in services, clinical decision-making of care and accuracy in handling all patient problems so that services that focus on patient needs are the main goals achieved. Interprofessional collaboration is proven to make patients feel satisfied with the perceived service system, namely holistic and comprehensive services focusing on patients and families


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