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Which are the best in protecting the upper respiratory tract, KN95® or Acchadana®-herbal masks on IL-6 perspective?

  • Resti Ariani ,
  • Awal Prasetyo ,
  • Rina Puspita ,
  • Fathur Nur Kholis ,
  • Udadi Sadhana ,
  • Ika Pawitra M ,
  • Hermawan Istiadi ,


Background: In the new normal era, face masks are very important for everyday use. Masks began to be developed involving herbal plants with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial potential. This study aims to prove the potential of KN95 masks and Acchadana® Herbal Masks.

Methods: This randomized control trial has 50 laboratory workers as subjects. Subjects were divided into two groups. The control group wore KN95® masks (n=25), and the treatment group wore Acchadana® herbal masks (n=25, 1 dropout). Each group wore a mask for 60 days. Then a nasal wash sample was taken for a laboratory test for IL-6 levels using the ELISA method.

Result: There was no significant comparison of IL-6 levels between the KN95® mask group and the herbal mask group in the Mann Whitney test (p=0.242). When viewed from the high and low levels of IL-6 in the respiratory tract of laboratory workers after 60 days of wearing masks, IL-6 levels in the Acchadana® mask group experienced a greater decrease compared to the KN95 mask group. However, the protection of the two masks was not significantly different (KN95®= -0.604 pg/ml and Herbal= -1.026 pg/ml; p>0.05).

Conclusion: KN95® masks and Acchadana® herbal masks have equal ability to protect the respiratory tract.


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