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The outcome of leprosy associated asthma in pregnancy: a case report

  • Roziana ,
  • Hilwah Nora ,
  • Ima Indirayani ,
  • Cut Rika Maharani ,
  • Akmal Sujudi ,


Introduction: Asthma bronchial is a disease characterized by increased sensitivity of the tracheobronchial tree to various stimuli. During an asthma attack, there will be bronchospasm, mucosal swelling, and increased secretions in the airway. The incidence of asthma in pregnancy in Indonesia is around 3.7- 4%, most commonly occurring at 24 to 36 weeks of gestation. The effect of asthma on the mother and fetus depends on the frequency and severity of asthma attacks because it can cause effects in the form of hypoxia. The state of hypoxia affects the fetus in the form of abortion, premature delivery, and fetal weight that is not in accordance with gestational age. Symptoms that can be felt are shortness of breath, cough, wheezing and can be accompanied by chest pain.

Case description: A 35-year-old woman came with complaints of heartburn for 2 hours before admission to the hospital, the patient denied amniotic fluid flow, blood was found to come out. Fetal movements felt active. The patient claimed to be 9 months pregnant with LMP on 27 December 2021, and EDD on 27 September 2022, with a gestational age of 39-40 weeks. ANC to the obstetrician was 3 times and the midwife was 5 times. No complaints of vaginal discharge, bowel and bladder within normal limits. The patient also had a history of asthma when she was 8 months pregnant, with complaints of shortness of breath, easily fatigued and coughing, the patient denied chest pain. Wheezing was also claimed sometimes. The patient had been treated by a pulmonologist, given 3 drugs to take if shortness of breath occurred. The patient complained of painless lesions on the hands, trunk and feet. This complaint has been felt since 3 months ago. There is no thickening of the nerves or numbness in the joints. The patient was diagnosed at the regional hospital with Morbus Hansen and is currently on treatment.

Conclusion: Asthma in pregnancy will cause hypoxia to the fetus which affects the development of the fetus, therefore prompt and appropriate management will reduce the risk to the mother and fetus. Outcome infants showed no sign of Morbus Hansen infection.


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Roziana, Nora, H., Indirayani, I. ., Maharani, C. R. ., & Sujudi, A. . (2023). The outcome of leprosy associated asthma in pregnancy: a case report. Bali Medical Journal, 12(2), 1387–1389.