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Effect of Virgin Coconut Oil Compared to Corn Oil in World Health Organization Formula on Malondialdehyde Expression in Intestine of Severe Acute Malnutrition Wistar Rat


Background: In severe acute malnutrition, oxidative stress is occurred and it cause dysfunction of various tissue, including intestine. Intestinal function is impaired and there is altered epitheal transport. It may be related with intestinal oxidative stress. Virgin coconut oil contain a lot of antioxidant properties, could be solved that problem. Methods: This study aimed to investigate the oxidative stress in intestine after given virgin coconut oil compared to corn oil in rehabilitation stage of severe acute malnutrition treatment of wistar rat. A posttest only control group design experimental study was done to investigate effect of VCO compare to corn oil on malondialdehyde (MDA) expression in intestine in male wistar rat with severe acute malnutrition. Thirty eight severe acute malnutrition male wistar rats were used in this study, which was divided by two groups, Group A was rat feeded by Formula WHO  (F75 and F100) that contain VCO, Group B was rat feeded Formula WHO that contain corn oil. This formula was taken for 28 days. Results: At the end of this study, one rat was died (Group B), and 37 rats were analysed for MDA expression in intestine. Mean of MDA expression in Group A was 1.45% (SD = 0.70 %) and Group B was 1.51% (SD = 0.54%).  There was no mean differences for MDA expression between Group A and Group B (p for T-test was 0,71, mean difference -0.06 (95% CI = -0.48-0.36). Conclusion: In rehabilitation phase of treatment of severe acute malnutrition wistar rat, there is no differences in MDA expression in intestine between using VCO and corn oil.



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Eka Pratiwi, I. G. A. P. (2017). Effect of Virgin Coconut Oil Compared to Corn Oil in World Health Organization Formula on Malondialdehyde Expression in Intestine of Severe Acute Malnutrition Wistar Rat. Bali Medical Journal, 6(1), 73–75.




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