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Skin graft as a modality reconstruction of post-burn contractures during pandemic area: case series

  • Ulfa Elfiah ,
  • David Sontani Perdanakusuma ,
  • Iswinarno Dososaputra ,
  • I Nyoman Riasa ,
  • Loelita Marcelia Lumintang ,
  • Muhammad Fahmi Naufal ,


Background: The Covid-19 pandemic causes the postponement of elective surgery. At the same time, patients with post-burn contractures require immediate operation due to impaired function that can lead to depression and disruption of daily life. Operations on contracture patients during a pandemic must be carried out using the principles of accuracy, speed, and safety. The skin graft is one of the most appropriate treatments modalities for releasing contractures. This case study aims to evaluate the skin graft as a modality reconstruction of post-burn contractures during pandemic area.

Case Presentation:  We present three cases of post-burn contractures who underwent contracture release and skin graft surgery with a hospital stay of 3-5 days. Surgical results showed that graft take reached 90%-100% in all patients, and 100% epithelialization occurred at donor sites between 2-4 weeks postoperatively. There were no post-operative complications.

Conclusion: The skin graft is an effective and suitable technique for treating post-burn contractures in the pandemic era.   


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Elfiah, U., David Sontani Perdanakusuma, Iswinarno Dososaputra, I Nyoman Riasa, Lumintang, L. M., & Naufal, M. F. (2023). Skin graft as a modality reconstruction of post-burn contractures during pandemic area: case series. Bali Medical Journal, 12(1), 244–248.




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