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Management of bilateral nubbin testis, past and present controversies: a case report

  • Dian Adi Syahputra ,
  • Vita Indriasari ,
  • Fransiska Kusumowidagdo ,


Introduction: Testicular nubbin is the most common case of impalpable testis found by pediatric urologists. Diagnostic and surgical management, including long-term follow-up, is still a debate, especially in cases of bilateral testicular nubbin.

Case presentation: A 5-year-old boy with bilateral impalpable testis was brought to a hospital. A diagnostic laparoscopy was performed, and both internal inguinal rings were closed with testicular blood vessels, and the vas deferens had entered the inguinal canal. We found bilateral testicular nubbin on inguinal exploration and subsequently performed only right orchidopexy because it was larger than the left testis.

Conclusion: Evidence-based medicine, comprehensive management, and consultation between doctor and patient are needed in bilateral management of testicular nubbin for a good patient outcome.


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