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Airlangga International Endodontic Symposium is aimed as a platform for scientific communication for Endodontists as well as those who work this topic. The symposium upheld “The Roles of Endodontist to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” as the theme to highlight the importance of Endodontists and Endodontist science in achieving SDGs in national level. This symposium hosted several notable experts in endodontists who have acknowledge as legend in endodontist and restorative expertise. Nevertheless, this symposium was hoped to enhance scientific interaction, scientific and expert networks, as well as to update the practical and scientific knowledge in endodontic area.

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Dian Agustin Wahjuningrum. (2022). The 1st Airlangga International Endodontic Symposium 2022. Bali Medical Journal, 11(3), 1–32.




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