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COVID-19 emergency response in Southeast Asian region: A bibliographic analysis using VOSviewer software


Introduction: A Public Health Emergency of International Concern, the WHO designated the outbreak in China and surrounding countries in 2019. The Global board proclaimed public health emergency after research. The WHO encouraged states to step up their efforts before the instances grow. Six ASEAN members have confirmed early instances. WHO reports that the pandemic has reached all ten ASEAN countries. Unclear and inconsistent information and actions show Asia's delayed response to epidemics.

Methods: This study uses VOSviewer to investigate ASEAN policy responses to the COVID-19 outbreak. A bibliographic data model can handle several data types. Categories, topics, density, and publication date are common article metadata.

Results: Early decisions were taken without a plan to halt COVID-19 from spreading across Asia. Upon confirmation of the first case, national prevention and control measures were launched. Encouraging frequent hand washing, adequate mask usage, and other personal hygiene and sanitation habits were also addressed. Its nature leaves many data and information gaps. Major issues included preventing, detecting, and responding to disease outbreaks in public and medical contexts.

Conclusion: The regional health systems came into action to help national health programs. The ASEAN countries have all responded to the COVID-19 outbreak. In order to prepare for and manage the COVID-19 outbreak, a thorough investigation is required.


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