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Early detection methods of chronic diabetic nephropathy in diabetes mellitus patients in primary health services

  • Tripitara ,
  • Titiek Hidayati ,
  • Suny Sun ,
  • Akrom ,


Introduction: The prevalence of diabetic kidney disease increases along with the increase in the number of patients with diabetes mellitus. Early detection of diabetic nephropathy in DM patients is an essential step in preventing the incidence of diabetic kidney disease. The study aimed to obtain a method of early detection of diabetic kidney disease in DM patients in primary health care via identifying factors associated with decreased glomerular filtration rate (GFR).

Methods: We conducted a case-controlled study at the public health center in Bantul. The research subjects were patients at Kasihan 1 public health center aged 18-75 years. In-depth interviews will be conducted to obtain clinical and social risk factors for GFR decreasing as an early detection tool for diabetic nephropathy (DN) incidence. The IGF-1 levels were checked using ELISA. The Pearson correlation test observed a significant association between patient risk factors and GFR.

Results: This study is expected to obtain a model of the method of early detection of chronic diabetic kidney disease in diabetes mellitus patients in primary health services. The results showed that the GFR was related to systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, hyperglycemia, nicotine levels, and IGF-1 levels (P<0.00). Increased nicotine levels, increased blood pressure, hyperglycemia, and decreased levels of IGF-1 are associated with decreased GFR. Identifying factors related to the glomerular filtration rate can be used to predict impaired renal function.

Conclusion: Reduced glomerular filtration rates are linked to higher nicotine levels, higher blood pressure, hyperglycemia, and lower IGF-1 levels.


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