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Transverse vaginal septum: a case report

  • Hilwah Nora ,
  • Ima Indirayani ,
  • Rusnaidi ,
  • Heyza Damara Mutyara ,


Introduction: Transverse vaginal septum or known as partial vaginal agenesis, is a rare case. The most frequent causes are defects or fusion disorders of the Mullerian Ductus and defect formation of the urogenital ducts of the urogenital sinuses. The septum may obstruct the entire vaginal opening and cause hematocolpos. The diagnosis is based on a detailed physical and gynecological examination supported by ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The management option is surgery which is performed as soon as possible.

Case Report: An 11-year-old girl came with lower abdominal pain and amenorrhea, diagnosed with a transverse vaginal septum complicated with hematocolpos based on anamnesis, physical and gynecological examination, and imaging study by ultrasound and MRI. The management includes excision and cross-incision of the septum followed by diagnostic laparoscopy. Endometriosis was found at the broad ligament during laparoscopy and continued with endometriosis resection.

Conclusion: The transverse vaginal septum is still one of the rare anomalies of the Mullerian Duct. The diagnosis was made from a history of low abdominal pain, primary amenorrhea, and a pelvic examination that revealed the vaginal septum. MRI is a gold standard examination procedure of anomalies or abnormalities involving the vagina. The management of the transverse vaginal septum is a surgical approach involving drainage of hematocolpos.


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