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Successful conservative treatment for Ogden type-IV tibial tubercle avulsion fracture with transverse fibular fracture in 15 years old boy in remote area: a case report


Background: Tibial tubercle avulsion fracture is very rare. Its incidence has been reported to account for only 3% of all proximal tibia fractures and less than 1% of all growth plate injuries. This fracture occurs when the quadriceps are forcefully contracted against resistance, such as during jumping, or when rapid knee flexion occurs with contracted quadriceps, such as during landing. Most authors recommended surgical options in type IV tibial tubercle avulsion; however, we reported successful conservative treatment in this case report.

Case report: A 15-year-old male athlete with no significant past medical history presented via emergency medical services after a ground-level fall while playing basketball which landed with his left foot in a pivot position. He felt immediate pain and swelling about the left knee, all sensation was intact, as were pedal pulses, and neurovascularly remained intact. The patient did not want to go for medical evacuation to do surgery and consent to be managed with conservative treatment with close follow-up.

Conclusion: The results and prognosis of these fractures are excellent, despite the fracture pattern or treatment used, as long as an anatomical reduction is obtained


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