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Analysis of mental workload and work family conflict with burnout on lecturers who work from home during pandemic

  • Andikawati Fitriasari ,
  • Yurike Septianingrum ,
  • Nunik Purwanti ,
  • Nur Ainiyah ,
  • Erika Martining Wardani ,
  • Difran Nobel Bistara ,


Introduction: Despite the amount of research on mental workload and work family conflict, there are persist questions about their relation with Emotional Exhaustion, Depersonalization and lack of Personal Accomplishment. This paper attempts to show that the relationship between mental workload and work family conflict on burnout for female lecturers who work from home during the pandemic

Methods: A cross sectional study was conducted on 50 female lecturers who worked at home. The measurement of mental workload was used by Nasa TLX and work family conflict was developed by the Malaysian version of Kelloway. Maslah Burnout Inventory is used to determine the burnout level. Data analysis used logistic regression to determine the significance between mental workload and work family conflict on the burnout dimension (Emotional Exhaustion, Depersonalization, lack of Personal Accomplishment).

Results: This study found that age, children, length of working, structural position  did not significantly affect burnout. There was negative correlation with burnout leveld (p> 0.005). Work family conflict showed a significant in dimension of burnout EE (p=0.028), DP (p=0.011), PA (0.029)

Conclusion: This study has found that generally work family conflict affected burnout in female lecture


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Fitriasari, A. ., Septianingrum, Y. ., Purwanti, N. ., Ainiyah, N. ., Wardani, E. M., & Bistara, D. N. (2022). Analysis of mental workload and work family conflict with burnout on lecturers who work from home during pandemic. Bali Medical Journal, 11(2), 761–765.




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