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Profuse haematochezia related to Crohn’s disease: a rare case report

  • Dilly Niza Paramita ,
  • Budi Widodo ,
  • Heriyawati Heriyawati ,


Background: Lower gastrointestinal bleeding (LGIB) can be caused by irritable bowel disease. Haematochezia is one of the LGIB symptoms. Profuse haematochezia is a rare complication in Crohn’s disease.

Case Presentation: We reported a 24-year-old patient with profuse haematochezia with severe anaemia and hypovolemic shock. Anamnesis, physical examination and colonoscopy showed that haematochezia was caused by Crohn’s disease. Colonoscopy was done after the patient was hemodynamically stable with findings of external haemorrhoid and multiple ulcers with varying size (0.5–2 cm) on ascending colon, caecum and terminal ileum. The tissue histopathology of ileocecal junction indicated intestinal epithelia with partially eroded, crypts infiltrated by inflammatory cells, swollen lamina propria with proliferation and dilation of blood vessels indicting the Crohn’s disease. The patient then treated with Crohn’s disease medical therapy including low dose oral steroid, sulfasalazine and antibiotics. Clinical improvement was found on one week follow-up after discharge from hospital.

Conclusion: Profuse haematochezia could be associated with Crohn’s disease and the comprehensive approaches should be taken to manage the Crohn’s disease with such presentation.


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Paramita, D. N., Widodo, B., & Heriyawati, H. (2022). Profuse haematochezia related to Crohn’s disease: a rare case report. Bali Medical Journal, 11(1), 205–208.




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