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Endorphine massage decreases cortisol during menstruation

  • Yurike Septianingrum ,
  • Nety Mawarda Hatmanti ,
  • Andikawati Fitriasari ,
  • Nur Ainiyah ,
  • Difran Nobel Bistara ,
  • Erika Martining Wardani ,


Introduction: Numerous relaxing techniques have been used with endorphin massage. There is not much proof that it affects blood cortisol levels, though. Therefore, this study set out to analyze the implementation of endorphin massage decrease cortisol during menstruation.

Methods: Cortisol data measured involving 46 respondents was obtained by taking venous blood and analyzed using the Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay method. Data analysis used Paired and independent T-test to determine changes in cortisol levels before and after the implementation of endorphin massage and the mean difference between the endorphin massage group and the control group. Analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) was used to examine the mean difference between the two groups compared to baseline.

Results: Based on previous research, this study found that age, weight, and age at menarche did not significantly affect cortisol levels during menstruation. The endorphin massage resulted in a drop in cortisol levels (p=0,0000), and there was a significant difference in mean between the two groups (p=0,0000). When compared to the starting point, blood cortisol levels in both groups were significantly lower (p=0,000).

Conclusion: This study has found that generally endorphin massage could reduce cortisol level in final year nursing students.


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