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The effect of ACTH4-10Pro8-Gly9-Pro10 on neurotrophin-3 expression in Sprague Dawley rat on acute spinal cord injury

  • Made Gemma Daniswara Maliawan ,
  • Eko Agus Subagio ,
  • Budi Utomo ,
  • Muhammad Arifin Parenrengi ,
  • Asra Al Fauzi ,
  • I Ketut Sudiana ,


Background: Neurotrophic factors such as NT-3 play an important role in spinal cord regeneration, contributing to spinal cord regeneration assisting functional improvement in SCI. ACTH4-10Pro8-Gly9-Pro10, an analog of the N-terminal fragment (4-10) adrenocorticotropic hormone, is one of the neuroprotective compounds that can increase NT-3 levels in brain ischemia. Therefore, we conducted a study with experimental animals to determine the effect of NT-3 expression on ACTH4-10Pro8-Gly9-Pro10 administration in acute compression SCI.

Method: We used Sprague Dawley rats with acute compression SCI model using 20 gr and 35 gr aneurysm clips. ACTH4-10Pro8-Gly9-Pro10 was administered intranasally to the treatment group, and 0.9% NaCl was administered intranasally to the positive control group. Both of the groups then terminated at 3 and 6 hours.

Results: In rats with mild SCI that were given ACTH4-10Pro8-Gly9-Pro10, the NT -3 expression after 3 hours and 6 hours was 14 (12-17) and 10 (7-13). In rats with severe SCI given ACTH4-10Pro8-Gly9-Pro10, the NT-3 expression after 3 hours and 6 hours was 9 (6-11) and 8 (7-10). Intranasal administration of ACTH4-10Pro8-Gly9-Pro10 showed higher NT-3 expression than the group with 0.9% NaCl in mild and severe SCI.

Conclusion: Intranasal administration of ACTH4-10Pro8-Gly9-Pro10 can increase NT-3 expression in mild and severe acute SCI at 3 and 6 hours. Expression of NT-3 in the group with ACTH4-10Pro8-Gly9-Pro10 mild acute SCI was higher than in the group with severe acute SCI. Further research needs to be done to determine the neuroregeneration effect of ACTH4-10Pro8-Gly9-Pro10 on SCI.


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Maliawan, M. G. D., Subagio, E. A., Utomo, B., Parenrengi, M. A., Al Fauzi, A., & Sudiana, I. K. (2022). The effect of ACTH4-10Pro8-Gly9-Pro10 on neurotrophin-3 expression in Sprague Dawley rat on acute spinal cord injury. Bali Medical Journal, 11(1), 18–22.




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