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Physical activity of pregnant women during COVID-19 outbreak in Yogyakarta

  • Yuni Astuti ,
  • Choirul Amin ,


Introduction: The COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on everyone, including pregnant women. This pandemic has made pregnant women have limitations for physical activity. The moderate activity recommendation to pregnant women. Physical activity including household, caregiving, occupational, and exercise. Physical activity provides many benefits for pregnant women include physical and mental health. This study aimed to identify the physical activity of pregnant women during a pandemic.

Methods: The descriptive study used in this study with cross-sectional design. This research used 78 pregnant women who live with her husband, doesn't have a complication of pregnancy, doesn't have COVID-19. The data collection used the pregnancy physical activity questionnaire (PPAQ) Indonesian version.

Result: The result showed that 73% of pregnant women had vigorous activity, 21,8% had moderate activity and 5,1% of pregnant women had light activity. The activity of pregnant women to household/caregiving showed that 66,7% of pregnant women had vigorous activity. More than half of pregnant women in this research had sedentary activity 59% in sports activity, and 66,7% of pregnant women had sedentary activity in a type of occupational.

Conclusion: The pregnant mother had vigorous intensity during pregnancy in COVID-19 outbreak. The vigorous activity can affect the immune system.  


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