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The effect of reflective learning in nursing and health students: a literature review

  • Uswahzulhasanah Uswahzulhasanah ,
  • Fitri Arofiati ,


Background: Reflective learning can be defined as an activity or process that aims to recall the actions and methods of learning that have been carried out in the form of observations. Students mostly obtain and improve their knowledge and skills through experiential learning or reflection. This literature review aims to determine whether there is an effect of the reflective learning method in nursing students and health students, especially on critical thinking.

Methods: This research is a type of literature review conducted by searching for articles related to the reflective learning method in health and nursing students. This literature review is conducted by searching articles associated with the reflective learning method in health and nursing students. The database used to prepare the literature review was Google Scholar, ScienceDirect, and Proquest. The search technique was use specific keywords from the research question: reflective learning OR reflective practice OR reflection AND critical thinking AND problem solving AND nursing students OR medical students OR health profession students OR undergraduate nursing students. Inclusion criteria used for data collection were full text, journal publishing from 2015 to 2020, using English and Indonesian.

Result: The literature review results show that reflective learning is very effective in improving some aspects in health and nursing students, where students learn through their experiences in clinics.

Conclusion: Reflective learning can be used to reference learning models for health and nursing students.


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