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Disseminated herpes zoster in immunocompetent patients: Two cases report

  • Siti Aminah Tri Susila Estri ,
  • Nafiah Chusniyati ,


Introduction: Disseminated herpes zoster (DHZ) characterized by the vesicles that appear outside the dermatome with more than 20 lesions. The DHZ common in immunocompromised patient. This case reports DHZ in the immunocompetent patients which is a rare case.

Case: The 45- and 60-years old men came with pain. The dermatological examination showed vesicles on the dermatomal and more 20 vesicles that outside of that dermatome. The patients diagnosed as DHZ involving the ocular and thoracic nerves. The patients work as carpenters who require strenuous physical activity with sun exposure. This physical fatigue can be a trigger for disseminated of lesions in herpes zoster. There are no other factors that can lower the body's resistance, such as systemic disease or drugs. The cases were treated with acyclovir systemic and anti-inflammatory with good results.

Conclusion: These cases showed that physical fatigue is one of the triggers for disseminated herpes zoster. 


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