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Chewing gum administration towards gastrointestinal motility on postoperative patients of PKU Muhammadiyah Gamping Hospital

  • Arianti Arianti ,
  • Imam Annafi ,


Background: Surgical procedures involving anesthetics could cause a complication of the digestive tract called postoperative ileus (POI). POI complicates the patient’s recovery and prolongs the stay period at the hospital. One of the most common interventions to prevent POI is early-postoperative feeding (EPF) to stimulate gastrointestinal motility that will prevent POI. Still, EPF is considered to be unsafe, according to several studies. Because of the disadvantage of EPF, some studies seek an alternative to EPF, one of which is postoperative chewing gum. The study aims to test the effectiveness of chewing gum to stimulate gastrointestinal motility in postoperative patients of PKU Muhammadiyah Gamping Hospital.

Methods: The research utilized a quasi-experimental design with the post-test control group. The research’s samples are 30 postoperative patients of PKU Muhammadiyah Gamping Hospital. Samples were taken with probability sampling technique with purposive sampling approach. The effectiveness of chewing gum to stimulate gastrointestinal motility was determined by comparing the time record of the first bowel sound heard between the intervention and the control groups.

Results: The result shows that there is a significance of chewing gum intervention to stimulate gastrointestinal motility. The Meantime of the first bowel sound heard of the intervention group (2.00 ± 0.07) is shorter than the control group (2.36 ± 0.33). Comparison between the intervention and control groups shows significance with p-value = 0.02 (p<0.05 indicates importance).

Conclusion: Chewing gum intervention is effective in stimulating gastrointestinal motility in postoperative patients.


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