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Current concept management of talus fracture: a literature review

  • Bintang Soetjahjo ,
  • Zarkasyi Arimuqti ,


Fractures of the talus are uncommon. The relative infrequency of these injuries relates to limited guidelines to treat talus fracture. Talus fracture is always associated with high energy injury critical to the normal function of the ankle, subtalar, and transverse tarsal joints.  Outcomes vary widely and are related to the degree of initial fracture displacement. Nondisplaced fractures have a favorable outcome in most cases. Failure to recognize fracture displacement (even when minimal) can lead to undertreatment and poor outcomes. Current detailed diagnoses through Multidetector CT (MDCT) are preferred to avoid miss diagnosed in talar fracture. Although early treatment and delayed treatment did not significantly differ, multiple-choice to treat talus fracture should be known. Conservative and operative treatment can be done in accordance with clinical findings and fracture patterns. With a high risk of complication, appropriate therapy should be done. Many research and articles have been done to develop the treatment and reduce complications over talar fracture from an invasive procedure to a non-invasive procedure like arthroscopy. Therefore, we compile current treatment to give another perspective for surgeons to treat talar fracture patients


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