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A rare case of microcystic and macrocytic lymphangioma in 12-year-old girl

  • Wahyu Lestari ,
  • Sitti Hajar ,


Introduction: Lymphangioma is an idiopathic digression in the lymphatic vessels morphogenesis. It is a lymphatic malformation that involves the lymphatic vessels of the superficial dermis. The lesions were observed since birth for 50% of the cases. Lymphangioma is typically rare of the lymphatic vessels disorder. This case report aims to explain lymphangioma, which is typically rare of the lymphatic vessels disorder.  

Case report: Our study reported a chief complaint in a 12-year-old girl was painless multiple small blisters on the left thigh and the left inguinal in the past 11 years. Physical examination revealed the groups of lobulated mass consist of erythematous papules, cysts, skin-colored and purplish papules, purplish macule, tense vesicles & reddish-brown crusts. The blisters were not itchy, followed by the slight swelling under the lesion of the left groin. They were skin-colored papules on the abdomen. It was also found that there was a hypertrophic scar on the upper side of the posteromedial side of the left thigh. Histopathology examination showed hyperkeratosis where the keratinocytes proliferation in the areas lined with endothelium. Eosinophilic amorphic mass found inside the lumen. There were hair follicles, sudoriferous glands and sebaceous glands. The proposed diagnosis was lymphangioma (combined microcystic and macrocystis lymphatic malformation) on the abdomen and soft tissue tumor on the left thigh and the buttock. The treatments were carbon dioxide (CO2) laser for lymphangioma and surgical excision for soft tissue tumor.

Conclusion: Lymphangioma is a rare lymphatic vessel disorder that manifests on the superficial dermis. It is commonly found in children. This disease can be treated by CO2 laser.  


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