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Complete tubular duplication of colon presenting as rectovestibular fistula: A case report

  • Muntadhar Muhammad Isa ,
  • Amir Thayeb ,
  • Maria Meildi ,
  • Muhammad Bayu Zohari Hutagalung ,


Background: Duplication of the gastrointestinal tract is a rare congenital disorder in pediatric patients.  Complete resection in case of a total tubular duplication that requires total or subtotal colectomy is undesirable in children.

Case Presentation: This case presented a simple surgical technique for treating complete colonic duplication without colonic resection. A 2 months old female baby with abdominal distention and stool complaint came out from her vaginal vestibular and normal anus. A digital rectal exam showed a palpable mass in the posterior region. Abdominal CT Scan showed a rounded mass with size 2x2 cm in the left posterolateral of rectum region. The initial diagnosis was suspected sacrococcygeal tumor type 4 with rectovestibular fistula. Intraoperative findings showed duplication of the caecum, appendix, total colon (ascending to sigmoid) and rectum (one directed to the vagina and the other to anus). The ileostomy was done 20 cm from the ileocaecal junction as a temporary treatment to relieving distention with definitive repair planned in the following months. The second stage repair was performed after 1-year-old with posterosagital anorectoplasty followed by distal separation of the duplicated colon using a 12 cm linear stapler. For this case, the third stage repair was done one year after the previous surgery to close the remaining ileostomy. The patient’s outcome showed good results with normal defecating function and no complication.

Conclusion: Complete tubular duplication is a rare case without specific clinical symptoms, but the assessment of the diagnosis can be assisted by radiology such as abdominal CT and barium enema. We hope this article could illustrate management for complete tubular duplication of colon presenting as rectovestibular fistula, thus reflect how important clinical judgment and initial diagnostic in our health care system.


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Isa, M. M., Thayeb, A., Meildi, M., & Hutagalung, M. B. Z. (2021). Complete tubular duplication of colon presenting as rectovestibular fistula: A case report. Bali Medical Journal, 10(2), 526–528.




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