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A new innovation in topical diabetic foot ulcer; hyaluronic acid platelet-rich fibrin (HAPRF) gel - a study in inflammation and angiogenesis

  • Ronald W. Kartika ,
  • Idrus Alwi ,
  • Em Yunir ,
  • Sarwono Waspadji ,
  • Saptawati Bardosono ,
  • Suzzana Immanuel ,
  • Todung Silalahi ,
  • Saleha Sungkar ,
  • Jusuf Rachmat ,
  • Franciscus D. Suyatna ,
  • Mirta Hediyati Reksodiputro ,


Background: Indonesia ranks 6th out of ten countries with the highest number of diabetes patients. An increase followed this condition in the prevalence of diabetic foot ulcers by around 15%. This study demonstrated the ability of combination of Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) to reduce inflammation in diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) healing.

Methods: In the baseline, all patients received the same treatment including wound debridement. There were 20 subjects divided into two groups; HAPRF and  PRF. A part of sample was processed into lysate and stored in -80oC. The rest is applied as a topical therapy in DFU base on intervention. We analyzed the inflammation using two methods; swab in DFU and fibrin gel of HAPRF or PRF and ELISA on day-3 and day-7. We also measure the granulation index by digital photograph and analyze use ImageJ at the same time.

Result: There were 20 diabetic patients with DFUs, performed analysis of  IL-6  lysate gel HAPRF decrease  significantly compare with PRF on day 3 (p= 0.038) and day-7 (p = 0.034). Granulation index evaluation, in HAPRF increase on day-3 (p = 0.043), day-7 (p = 0.049), and day-14 (p = 0.041).

Conclusion: A-PRF +HA  administration leads to reduce  IL-6 levels, and accelerated wound healing of DFUs patients. HAPRF  directly aids epithelialization and granulation index.


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Kartika, R. W., Alwi, I., Yunir, E., Waspadji, S., Bardosono, S., Immanuel, S., Silalahi, T., Sungkar, S., Rachmat, J., Suyatna, F. D., & Reksodiputro, M. H. (2021). A new innovation in topical diabetic foot ulcer; hyaluronic acid platelet-rich fibrin (HAPRF) gel - a study in inflammation and angiogenesis. Bali Medical Journal, 10(3), 901–908.




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