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Maternal and perinatal outcomes with covid-19: lesson learned from the tertiary hospital

  • Putri Sekar Wiyati ,
  • Rabiah Adawiyah ,
  • Julian Dewantiningrum ,
  • Besari Adi Pramono ,


Background: The COVID-19 pandemic has led to global health crisis. Most studies have focused on evaluating the effects of COVID-19 on the general population, and there is still insufficient data on its impact on vulnerable populations, such as pregnant women. The study evaluates maternal and perinatal outcomes on pregnant women with COVID-19 in Kariadi as tertiary hospital in Central Java.

Methods: We prospectively collected and analyzed data for a cohort of 45 pregnant patients with COVID-19 between March 31st and September 23th 2020 in Kariadi hospital.

Results: A total of 45 pregnant women with COVID-19 delivered 46 babies including one twin pregnancy. The symptoms ranged from asymptomatic (54.3%), mild (26.6%), moderate (8.8%), severe (2.2%), and critical (6.6%). Gestational age was 22 to 41 weeks. Cesarean section was the most mode of delivery (86.7 %). Diabetes in pregnancy and HIV were the most common comorbidities found in this study, there were also seven patients came with preeclampsia. There were three maternal mortalities, we reported one maternal death (2.2 %) caused by severe respiratory disease COVID-19 in second trimester. The other two death cases were pregnancy complicated with severe preeclampsia with hyperthyroid and preeclampsia with diabetes in pregnancy.  Perinatal outcomes were intrauterine fetal death (8.7%), stillbirth (2.2%), and severe asphyxia (2.2%).

Conclusion: Although we obtain mostly maternal and perinatal outcomes in good outcomes, it is urgent to analyze potential high-risk maternal death with COVID 19.


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Wiyati, P. S., Adawiyah, R., Dewantiningrum, J., & Pramono, B. A. (2021). Maternal and perinatal outcomes with covid-19: lesson learned from the tertiary hospital. Bali Medical Journal, 10(1), 442–447.




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