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Screening of mental problems and counseling training for primary health care staffs to assess sintren dancer in Pemalang, Central Java, Indonesia

  • Natalia Dewi Wardani ,
  • Fajar Pradana Susetya ,
  • Innawati Jusup ,
  • Widodo Sarjana AS ,
  • Titis Hadiati ,
  • Ani Margawati ,


Introduction: Experiences of trance in Sintren dancer with a history of psychosocial problems, it is possible that comorbidity of mental disorders will appear. One of the Primary Health Care programs is dealing with mental disorders. By providing counseling training to Primary Health Care Staffs, it is hoped that there will be guidance and assistance from the Primary Health Care for the Sintren dancer community.

Methods: Screening is carried out to recruit synthetic dancers who have psychological problems and are given counseling. This service involves Primary Health Care Staffs. This service includes networking and treatment and providing counseling to Sintren dancers to deal with the problems they are experiencing.

Result: Sintren dancers met the category of mental disorders (dysthymia and PTSD). Primary Health Care Staff had bad experiences in helping people with mental disorders, they are afraid of helping people with mental problems. With counseling training, primary health care staff more confident to help people with mental problems.

Conclusion: Sintren dancers have a psychosocial and mental disorder background. Counseling training in Primary Health Care Staff provides understanding of stress management and early detection of mental disorders that often occur in society.


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Wardani, N. D., Susetya, F. P., Jusup, I., AS, W. S., Hadiati, T., & Margawati, A. (2021). Screening of mental problems and counseling training for primary health care staffs to assess sintren dancer in Pemalang, Central Java, Indonesia. Bali Medical Journal, 10(1), 397–399.




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