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The 4th International Conference on Translational Medicine and Health Sciences


All praises to Allah, the most merciful, beneficent and compassionate, for His blessing that this conference could be organized today. I would like to express my greatest gratitude to Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, S.H., M.Hum; Rector of Universitas Diponegoro, Dr. dr. Dwi Pudjonarko, M.Kes, Sp.S (K); Dean of Faculty of Medicine Universitas Diponegoro, Prof. Dr. Jamari, S.T., M.T.; Director of LPPM, Dr. dr. Hermina Sukmaningtyas, M.Kes., Sp.Rad and Dr. dr. Udadi Sadhana, M.Kes, Sp.PA, Vice Deans of Faculty of Medicine for all of their kind supervision during the preparation of this event. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of the committee members for all of your hard work, kind help, and best effort as a solid team work, by which this event can be held successfully even during the COVID-19 pandemics. I would like to thank all of the honorable speakers for your willingness to give lectures and all of participants from various institutions in the world. Welcome to the 4th International Conference on Translational Medicine and Health Sciences (ICTMHS) 2020.  It is a great pleasure to announce that this is the first virtual ICTMHS, which is traditionally held in Semarang, Indonesia. ICTMHS is an annual routine program that began in 2017 initiated by the faculty to support the university's vision of becoming a world class university. The theme of this conference is "Unraveling the New Normal Guideline Treatment of Diseases in COVID-19 Pandemic". This difficult time has pushed us to strengthen our collaborative practices in the health sectors including Interprofessional Education and Research, Collaborative Practice, Translational Medicine, and Nutrition, Dietetic and Food. This is an interesting theme that invites all health workers to unite to increase collaboration in various aspects to tackle the pandemics affecting our country and beyong. Through this conference, we hope to contribute in introducing and educating the scientific community on the recent advances in the medical, dentistry, nursing, pharmaceutical, and nutrition sciences field. As a major goal of this event, we hope that it can be an excellent chance to discuss interesting ideas and develop fruitful project in the future, network opportunities with old and new colleagues, coordination new partnerships which advance collaboration either about the research field or not, as well as the careers of all participants. Please enjoy your participation in ICTMHS 2020.




dr. Muhamad Thohar Arifin, PhD, Sp.BS(K), PA

Chief of Organizing Committee


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Arifin, M. T. (2020). The 4th International Conference on Translational Medicine and Health Sciences. Bali Medical Journal, 9(3), 1–40.




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