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Ventral meatotomy as management of female urethral stricture: a case report


Introduction: Female urethral stricture is considered a rare condition. This condition may lead to recurrent lower urinary tract symptoms and urinary retention. Several techniques have been reported to overcome this disease with some advantages and disadvantages. This case report shows the author's experience in treating female urethral stricture using the ventral meatotomy technique.

Case description. A 63-year-old female suffered from poor urinary flow, recurrent urinary tract infection and lower urinary tract symptoms. Physical examination and urethrocystoscopy showed narrow urethral opening and severe trabeculation, respectively, which indicated bladder outlet obstruction due to urethral stricture. A ventral meatotomy was performed, followed by an indwelling catheter for a week. The patient showed improvement of the symptoms postoperatively.

Conclusion. Urethral reconstruction in female urethral stricture should be decided as definitive therapy, and an individualized approach must be applied based on patient factors and surgeon experience.


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