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Successful total correction of Transposition of Great Artery in Surabaya's rural area experience: serial cases

  • Heroe Soebroto ,
  • Farhan Danisa ,
  • Arief Rakhman Hakim ,


Background: Transposition of the great arteries (TGA) is a cyanotic heart disorder characterized by the aorta being positioned to the pulmonary artery's right-anterior. Arterial switch operation (ASO) is the main surgical procedure for TGA correction that has favorable outcomes. This case report aims to explain the findings of TGA cases that were performed successfully by ASO surgery at Dr. Soetomo Hospital in Surabaya.

Case Presentation: We reported two cases of dextro-TGA, which were confirmed from anamnesis, physical examination and echocardiographic. Both cases have been successfully carried out with an arterial switch operation (ASO) procedure with a post-operative length of 14-15 days with stable hemodynamics.

Conclusion: TGA is a congenital heart defect with a rapid worsening of clinical signs if not detected early. The early correction will improve post-correction outcomes in patients.


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Soebroto, H., Danisa, F., & Hakim, A. R. (2021). Successful total correction of Transposition of Great Artery in Surabaya’s rural area experience: serial cases. Bali Medical Journal, 10(1), 4–7.




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