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Pregnancy with seropositive toxoplasmosis: a case report


Introduction: Toxoplasmosis is present in every country and seropositive rates vary between regions from less than 10% to more than 90%. Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy can result in severe sequelae to the fetus. Primary infection in pregnancy may cause spontaneous abortion or fetal death in utero. Congenital ocular and neurological abnormalities may also occur. We present a case involving toxoplasmosis infection in early pregnancy and an overview of the management and the clinical outcomes for both mother and fetus.

Case report: A 26-year-old pregnant woman (G1P0A0) showed a high concentration of IgG anti-toxoplasmosis in early pregnancy with a concentration of 1200. Throughout the pregnancy, an increase in the concentration of IgG anti-toxoplasma was found. At 14 weeks gestation, concentration increased four-fold to 9068. During the ultrasound observation no hydrocephalus, ocular, and neurological abnormalities were found. Amniocentesis was performed for PCR examination and the result turned out negative. The patient was given spiramycin 1 gram daily for the remaining of her pregnancy. At 40 weeks gestation, the patient gave birth vaginally to a healthy term 3700 grams baby boy. There were no signs of major anomalies found in the baby.

Conclusions: Diagnosis and screening of toxoplasmosis require proper understanding of serological examination, as well as the specificity and sensitivity of the diagnostic tools. Ultrasound monitoring for the detection of congenital toxoplasmosis can also help with diagnosis.


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