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Investigating the relationship between accountability and job satisfaction: A case study in hospitals affiliated to Yazd University of Medical Sciences 2017

  • Askari Roohollah ,
  • Hatami Hanza Maryam ,


Introduction: high accountability of employees, the organization can be helped to achieve the goals. In general, this research is to investigate the relationship between accountability and job satisfaction in nurses in an educational hospital affiliated to Yazd University of Medical Sciences

Method: This study was a descriptive study of correlation type that has been conducted a cross-sectional study in 2017. We involved 190 nurses from selected educational hospitals affiliated to the Yazd University of Medical Sciences in the city of Yazd that have been chosen by stratified random sampling method. The data collection tool was Costa and M Care Accountability Questionnaire concerning 12 items, and Kendall and Smith Job Satisfaction Questionnaire were 37 items. Likert's 5 scales were used to determine the score of accountability and job satisfaction. The data was analyzed by descriptive-analytical statistical tests and Pearson correlation coefficient, a significance level of 0.05, and in the SPSS software version 20.

Results: there was no significant relationship between accountability and job satisfaction except one of job satisfaction (nature of work) (p=0.009). Also, a significant association was observed between three demographic variables of the age group (31-35) years (p=0.047) and work experience between (11-15) years (p=0.03) and the gender of women (p = 0.005) and two variables of accountability and satisfaction.

Conclusion: According to the results, it is better to pay more attention to work nature to implement responsibilities more efficiently and increase job satisfaction.


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