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Effect of mechanical bowel preparation in fibroblast, collagen density and histopathology analysis in colon anastomosis site of Wistar rat

  • Dian Adi Syahputra ,
  • Dikki Drajat Kusmayadi ,
  • Bethy S Hernowo ,


Backgrounds: Mechanical bowel preparation (MBP) was almost considered dogmatic in colorectal surgery. There are several methods known to perform MBP. Anastomotic leakage is considered higher in patients who had MBP, and it is thought due to alteration colonic morphologic, electrolyte and fluid imbalance.

Methods: This is an experimental study divided into two groups.  This study aims to determine the difference in collagen density, amount of fibroblast and histopathologic features in the anastomotic site between Wistar rats that had MBP and without MBP to the colonic anastomosis. The first group consists of 6 Wistar rats who had colonic anastomosis without MBP, and the second group consists of 6 Wistar rats who had colonic anastomosis with BMP. On the 10th day after surgery, histopathology examination is performed with regards to collagen density, the number of fibroblasts, infiltration of inflammatory cells and the degree of bowel wall damage at the anastomotic site. Independent t-test is used to analyze the data if it is normally distributed and Mann-Whitney test is used if the data is not normally distributed.

Results: The amount of fibroblast was significant difference between two groups (p=0.02), which is amount of fibroblast in the second group (3.83 ± 0.408) is higher than the first group (2.33 ± 0.816). Meanwhile, there is no significant difference regarding collagen density, infiltration of inflammatory cells and the degree of bowel wall damage (p=0.59, p=0.082 dan p=1.00).

Conclusion: The conclusion of this research is by performing MBP prior to colonic anastomosis will exert the effect of more abundant fibroblast.


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