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Music and video music therapy are effective in reducing stress among elderly at Yogyakarta Social Service Center of Tresna Werdha, Abiyoso Pakem Unit, Sleman regency


Background: The elderly will experience several physical and psychological changes. Such problems will inevitably lead to stress in the elderly. The prevalence of stress events in the elderly in Indonesia is 8.34% and at Yogyakarta Social Service Center of Tresna Werdha, Abiyoso Pakem Unit, Sleman is 38.4%. If left unchecked, stress can result in a prolonged depression. This study aims to identify the effectiveness of music and music video on stress in the elderly at Yogyakarta Social Service Center of Tresna Werdha, Abiyoso Pakem Unit, Sleman.

Methods: A quasi-experimental study with Pre-and Post-test without control design were conducted. The number of respondents was 24, whereas taken by Simple Random Sampling approach. The music intervention was given to the 12 respondents and music video intervention to the 12 respondents. Stress was measured using DASS. Data were analyzed using paired T-test to determine the effectiveness of therapy and Independent T-test to evaluate the differences in therapy using SPSS version 17 for Windows.

Results: Based on age, the respondents with 60-74 years were predominant (83.3%). Most of the respondents were female (79.2%). The analysis using Paired T-test indicated that there was a significant relationship of music therapy on the elderly (P<0.05). In addition, a significant result in reducing stress was also found in the music-video group on the elderly (P<0.05).

Conclusion: Music and music video therapies are effective to reduce stress in the elderly.


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