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Management of 14 hours penile fracture: a case report


Introduction: Penile fracture is a rare urological emergency that needs immediate repair. It is usually caused by trauma in its origin, whether during sexual intercourse, exotic self-inflicted, fall, or vehicle-related. Tunica albuginea and/or corpus cavernosa are severed, it can sometimes be accompanied by rupture of the urethra. Immediate surgical repair should be done as soon as possible to prevent further complication.

Case Presentation: A 52 years old male comes with swelling and severe pain on his penis 14 hours following sexual intercourse with his partner. No blood in the external meatal nor hematuria was present, and there were no abnormal passing of urine complained. Immediate repair of the corpus cavernosum was performed. The penis was degloved and the corporal tear was closed using absorbable suture. 8 hours following surgery, the patient had a morning erection and no early signs of complication observed.

Conclusion: Immediate surgical repair should be presented after penile fracture was diagnosed. Emergency surgical repair can preserve voiding and sexual function.


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