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Correlation between heart failure score and estimation glomerulus filtration rate based on cystatin C in children

  • Linda Silvana Sari ,
  • Eka Gunawijaya ,
  • Bagus Ngurah Putu Arhana ,
  • Ni Putu Venny Kartika Yantie ,


Background: Heart failure is a clinical syndrome due to decreased cardiac output affecting body perfusion, including the kidneys. An acute or chronic relationship between the heart and the kidney is called cardiorenal syndrome. Cardiorenal syndrome worsens the clinical state and prognosis of patients with heart failure. This study aimed to analyse correlation heart failure score and estimate GFR based on cystatin C.

Methods: This cross-sectional with a study subject of children aged 0-12 years with a diagnosis of heart failure caused by congenital and acquired heart disease. The data were recruited consecutively in the children emergency room with the period January 2016 to July 2017. The decrease in cardiac output was enforced based on cardiac failure score according to modification of Ross when arrived at the hospital and followed by determining the estimated GFR based on cysC base on formula 75.94/CysC1.178 mg/dl. Correlation between heart failure score and estimated GFR was tested using Spearman correlation.

Results: Forty-one subjects were analysed, had median heart failure score 10 (minimum/min 7, maximum/max 12). Median estimate GFR based on cysC 81.65 (min 12.31, max 133.23) ml/minute/1.73m2. There was a moderate negative association between heart failure score and estimated GFR based on cystatin C (r= -0.53; p<0.001).

Conclusion: A moderate negative correlation between heart failure score and estimated glomerular filtration rate based on cystatin C levels in children.



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Sari, L. S., Gunawijaya, E., Arhana, B. N. P., & Yantie, N. P. V. K. (2019). Correlation between heart failure score and estimation glomerulus filtration rate based on cystatin C in children. Bali Medical Journal, 8(3).




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