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Knowledge and technology in the ï¬eld of advanced dentistry is very fast and more modern, making it easier for dental work in dealing with patients today. Bali in offers not only natural beauty and culture but also provides good dental services and dental care at affordable prices when compared to others countries. The increasing number of local and foreign patients has caused many dentist in Bali to compete increase their knowledge and provide the latest dentistry tools. Therefore, Bali International Dental Symposium was held to develop the knowledge and skills to become a professional person. In relation to science and technology in the ï¬eld of dentistry, Dentistry Education of Medical Faculty, Udayana University is responsible for always leading the way to create graduates who are able to compete in national and international level. As well as helping to improve the competence and update of dentistry knowledge in Bali in particular and Indonesia dentist in general. According to that reason, we as educator staff within School of Dentistry, Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University intend to implement the ï¬rst International Seminar called Bali International Dental Symposium (BIDS) which will be held biannually in Bali.

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Handoko, S. A. (2018). The 1st Bali International Dental Symposium. Bali Medical Journal, 7(3).




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